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As I’ve mentioned on other pages, I am currently¬†working with InterVaristy Christian Fellowship as Link Staff in Latin America – more specifically in Quito, Ecuador. What does this mean exactly? Well, I’m going to try to describe that below!


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What do Link Staff do?

The day to day…

Link Staff workers are sent to an IFES movement where they will help plant new ministries, strengthen existing movements, and develop national leadership; serving overseas for a minimum of two years. We focus on evangelism, discipleship, and world mission while working with the IFES movement, as these are the three major objectives of the IFES. Link Staff work with an IFES member movement or regional team and have all of the same benefits and responsibilities of other staff in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA while also gaining the personal and professional benefits of cross-cultural ministry.

What is InterVarsity?

Note: It has nothing to do with sports…

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational, evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide. IVCF’s vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Don’t believe me? Check out IV’s¬†website!

What is IV Link?

Still has nothing to do with sports…

InterVarsity Link is the connection between InterVarsity/USA and the IFES. Link’s purpose is to reach the students of the world through partnership with the IFES with the vision of seeing students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed GLOBALLY. To be Link Staff (like me) is to be on staff with InterVarsity/USA serving abroad at an IFES movement.

What is the IFES?

More than an abbreviation for a long name…

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is a global fellowship of indigenous national student movements, called to engage the university with the good news of Jesus Christ. Currently there are more than 500,000 students involved in over 150 national movements worldwide. I will be working with one of those movements in Ecuador.


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